Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Will Not Fail You, Lisa Lisa

Wednesday morning I received this in my Gmail account (if you don't feel like reading all of it I have highlights below):

Hey Gina Daugherty,

Based on the hot topics and discussions featured on Gina Blogs All About it, LISA LISA’s fans are sure to be surfing through and have interest on the amazing opportunities that we currently have available! Additionally, we wanted to inform you that Lisa Lisa (Formerly of The Cult Jam) has a new album coming July 14th and a single, “Que Locura” that is currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and many other sites!

Aside from the attached banner promoting the single, we are running an 80's hair contest, 80's fashion contest, and "All Cried Out" singing contest where winners will receive concert tickets to see Lisa Lisa at different venues around the country.

We are trying to increase our Twitter followers and outlets for sharing information on upcoming Lisa Lisa releases and we were hoping you would be interested in supporting the cause! Posting a LISA LISA album banner, contest banner, or video on Gina Blogs All About it’s, main/music page would be a sweet highlight for LISA LISA. As an incentive Mass Appeal Entertainment will feature your logo or link on all of our related websites (i.e. Myspace, iMeem, iLike, etc.).

If you are interested in getting an exclusive video drop and other exclusive content, please reply to this email with, “Sign Me Up” and we’ll send you the banner, video, and codes to post on Gina Blogs All About it! Then send us your logo or banner and let the excitement begin!!

Thank you for your support!

Mass Appeal Entertainment
Rochelle Goldsmith (General Manager)

Awesome, right?!

When I first read it I thought, "Of course I love Lisa Lisa, but how on earth would they know that?! Is Lisa-Lisa not only the wonderful songstress behind All Cried Out but also somehow all-knowing?

Turns out, no.

After Googling my blog along with All Cried Out I found this old post, which is obviously what Lisa Lisa's handlers also found.

What I like most about this email is its uber-complimentary style - flattery will get you everywhere with Gina's Blog, my friends - including these implicit gems:

•Lisa Lisa fans will see Gina Blogs All About It and totally hope to find Lisa Lisa's new single and video, because Gina Blogs is the source for news and entertainment

• Gina, you would be amazing in our All Cried Out singing contest

• Moreover Gina, Lisa Lisa wants you to choreograph a sick routine for Head To Toe, which you will dance to all summer while you tour with Lisa Lisa "at different venues around the country" as her backup dancer and soon-to-be BFF

But obviously this is my favorite part - Posting a LISA LISA album banner, contest banner, or video on Gina Blogs All About It’s main/music page would be a sweet highlight for LISA LISA.

A "sweet highlight for Lisa Lisa?!" Hellz yeah!

I'm not going to let Lisa Lisa down, you guys, so I did what the email told me to do: I replied with 'Sign me up!'

I'm excited for lots of Lisa Lisa banner/video/song spam.

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Lizz said...

This. Is. AWESOME!