Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Magnets, Milk And Microwaves

This morning I was wandering around my new desk location, which is near a microwave.

I was pointing out to my new boss man that I have been radiated in a lame attempt to avoid said microwave location when one of the researchers came out of his office and said something to this effect:

"Magnet exposure... lactation... decrease in milk production... dairy cows located under powerlines."

Then he pulled a journal article off a cube wall. (Talk about clutch.)

This steered the conversation to lactation potential - which doesn't affect me in the least - but is a funny place to take a conversation about sitting near a microwave.

"This seating arrangement is really going to hurt my lactation potential," I joked. But joke's on me cause guess who then got taken into the lactation room after that?! Aww yeah!

But, you'll never guess where my new office is, y'all... The lactation room!

Just kidding. I'm still beside the microwave. So if someone burns a Hot Pocket I'll be the first to know. Hot POCKET!


Katie said...

I am also now by the microwave on 19. I'm not such a fan, but it would have been worse when I was pregnant. I think I'm jealous of the lactation room though. Speaking of not being affected by lactation potential - diaper coupons addressed to you were in my mailbox yesterday. I'm keeping them.

Gina said...

Katie, you can now and forever have any diaper coupons sent to me.

I don't know much about lactation rooms, but I do think it's very nice that moms have a space for that kinda thing here, you know, some place other than a bathroom stall.