Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Will Not Fail You, Lisa Lisa

Wednesday morning I received this in my Gmail account (if you don't feel like reading all of it I have highlights below):

Hey Gina Daugherty,

Based on the hot topics and discussions featured on Gina Blogs All About it, LISA LISA’s fans are sure to be surfing through and have interest on the amazing opportunities that we currently have available! Additionally, we wanted to inform you that Lisa Lisa (Formerly of The Cult Jam) has a new album coming July 14th and a single, “Que Locura” that is currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and many other sites!

Aside from the attached banner promoting the single, we are running an 80's hair contest, 80's fashion contest, and "All Cried Out" singing contest where winners will receive concert tickets to see Lisa Lisa at different venues around the country.

We are trying to increase our Twitter followers and outlets for sharing information on upcoming Lisa Lisa releases and we were hoping you would be interested in supporting the cause! Posting a LISA LISA album banner, contest banner, or video on Gina Blogs All About it’s, main/music page would be a sweet highlight for LISA LISA. As an incentive Mass Appeal Entertainment will feature your logo or link on all of our related websites (i.e. Myspace, iMeem, iLike, etc.).

If you are interested in getting an exclusive video drop and other exclusive content, please reply to this email with, “Sign Me Up” and we’ll send you the banner, video, and codes to post on Gina Blogs All About it! Then send us your logo or banner and let the excitement begin!!

Thank you for your support!

Mass Appeal Entertainment
Rochelle Goldsmith (General Manager)

Awesome, right?!

When I first read it I thought, "Of course I love Lisa Lisa, but how on earth would they know that?! Is Lisa-Lisa not only the wonderful songstress behind All Cried Out but also somehow all-knowing?

Turns out, no.

After Googling my blog along with All Cried Out I found this old post, which is obviously what Lisa Lisa's handlers also found.

What I like most about this email is its uber-complimentary style - flattery will get you everywhere with Gina's Blog, my friends - including these implicit gems:

•Lisa Lisa fans will see Gina Blogs All About It and totally hope to find Lisa Lisa's new single and video, because Gina Blogs is the source for news and entertainment

• Gina, you would be amazing in our All Cried Out singing contest

• Moreover Gina, Lisa Lisa wants you to choreograph a sick routine for Head To Toe, which you will dance to all summer while you tour with Lisa Lisa "at different venues around the country" as her backup dancer and soon-to-be BFF

But obviously this is my favorite part - Posting a LISA LISA album banner, contest banner, or video on Gina Blogs All About It’s main/music page would be a sweet highlight for LISA LISA.

A "sweet highlight for Lisa Lisa?!" Hellz yeah!

I'm not going to let Lisa Lisa down, you guys, so I did what the email told me to do: I replied with 'Sign me up!'

I'm excited for lots of Lisa Lisa banner/video/song spam.

Friday, May 29, 2009

TGIF and Sunny Skies!

Cannonball! from GinaBlogs on Vimeo.

Happy end of the four-day week, y'all.

If you're wondering, What did Gina do during her three-day holiday weekend - and come on, who isn't - have I got a video for you!

Missy + Adam + pool + me filming = CANNONBALL-OFF!

See all you pale people at the pool this weekend. TGIF!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Neighbors

These little guys and their momma moved in.

I thought my 17-pounds of fun (also known as Cassady) might be curious to see them.

Then my 15-pounds of fun (also known as Cassius) decided he wanted to see them too.

Cassady briefly considered jumping up onto the windowsill. But he decided to go back to sleep instead.

Momma pigeon was none to happy with all this excitement.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deep Fried Yum

Deep fried corn. Yeah I ate it, what?!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Omg, Omg, Omg, You Guys

Thursday night was Big. HUGE. Like the best night ever.


My girl Kari was home visiting from NYC, which already makes it fabulous, but on top of that the Taking the Stage crew was at the Southgate House where Mia was playing a show. It was awesome on top of awesome.

When Adam and I walked up to the Southgate House we saw the giant MTV cameras everywhere and were immediately directed to sign a release form, you know, in case we ended up in any scenes. (Please god, please let at least my arm be in an episode.) But what this also means is that there is going to be a TTS season two. YES.

We walk toward the door after signing our lives away and Adam is all, "Tyler and JJ are on the porch right now." And I'm all, "OMG WHERE?!" And he's all, "Right there!" and I'm all, "Omg! Tyler and JJ are right there!" and Adam is all, "I just said that."

Of course we grab a table on the porch so I can spy on them.

I'm pretty sure I was the only superfan. Somehow I imagined people like myself coming up to them and being like, "Oh yay! It's you!" But it wasn't like that at all. Instead we were surrounded by hipsters who were there to see the The Darlins and the Whosy-Whatsees or whatever, who were playing upstairs from Mia.

As we spied Tyler and JJ walked down to the street, like they were leaving, and I was all, "Nooooooo!"

Adam kept telling me to go down there and get a photo with them, but I didn't want to be weird and there was no one else doing that and plus they were talking to a producer. So I kept saying, "No I can't, it's weird" and Adam kept saying, "What's the big deal, you're a big fan. You're going to regret this."

Finally we walked down to where they were and... I turned into a total spaz.

"Tyler I love you..." is what I said. Yeah. I know. NOT COOL. Then in my head I was like, "Whoa girl, he's like, 18, take it down a notch." So I added, "But not in a weird way. You know what I mean." Awkward!

Then we posed for this stunning photo.

Look how happy we look. It's destiny.

Then I had his BFF JJ take a photo with me, and JJ is just as kinetic and crazy as he is on the show. He was like, "You're a fan?! That's awesome!" And he started kinda dancing around, which made me kinda weirdly dance around too. This scene is best captured by this weird, unflattering photo. But still, ow ow!

By then we realized we had actually missed Mia's performance and The Seedy Seeds were setting up. I love them, so it was all good, but imagine how fun it would have been to see Mia play with all the MTV cameras around and Tyler and JJ and the rest of the Taking the Stage cast lingering about. Ugh. Next time.

During the Seedy Seeds my friend Katherine (a TTS fan in her own right) spotted Mia and we decided to follow her outside. (What, is that weird?) But you guys won't even believe who she was out there with - Brian! The boy who unceremoniously dumped her in the first episode! Katherine and I were all, Wtf Mia? (To each other, not to Mia.)

And then we took this photo with her.

Afterwards I chatted with her and her man, Brian (sneak peak season two, y'all, they're back together!), and asked him if everyone thinks he's a big jerk because of the first episode. He told me he did look like an "asshole" but that most kids at his school (Lakota East, he hates it) don't really say anything.

Then Mia said, "Yeah, that was wack," to which I replied, "wiggity wack, or just regular type?" and she said, "regular type." Then we looked at each other and both said " HomeStar Runner! " at the same time and laughed and slapped hive-fives. Brian goes, "I can't believe you know that, that's awesome."

Total awesome, because I am preternaturally cool. Usually. When I'm not weirdly tween-girlish about bumping into an 18-year-old dancer on the sidewalk outside the Southgate House.

A few steps down was Aaron Chin Beard, so we took a photo with him too.

Afterwards I was all, "Aaron, what's up with you and Mia? And are you in school now?" He said he has a new girlfriend and is a "drop-out." I was all, "Aaron, what are you going to do with your life, you need to go back to school!" He said he's going to get GED but I was all, "Ok yes of course, you have too, but what's your big picture plan here?" To which he said, "music."

Hmm, I feel like Aaron needs some guidance and a backup plan. Maybe TTS could hire me as Aaaron's career counselor.

I also felt kinda bad about calling him Chin Beard all this time on my blog - sorry Aaron! - because he really was a sweet, genuinely nice kid. And Mia was fabulous too.

But all of this left me wondering, "Who's Tyler dating then?!"

Guess we'll see next season!

Mia also told me that the filming at the Southgate House on Thursday is intended to be the first episode of season two. Please god, please don't let me get hit by a bus before I get to see the episode that might possibly show the back of my head.

Coming soon I swear, the Taking The Stage season finale. But after Thursday, we're already so far ahead of the game here. You're welcome, you guys!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What's Up Cavs Fans?!

Nothing says TGIF 3-day weekend like a little LeBron! Even as a puppet No. 23 is super awesome/hott/talented/funny. MVP baby!

Don't forget, The Beast and his crew play the second game of the Eastern conference finals tonight at 8:30. Guess who's already got her DVR set... This girl!

For my all-time favorite commercial, which happens to feature LeBron, watch here.

(LeBron, for real, call me... You can't fight destiny.)

TGIF 3-day weekend everyone!

For Me?!

A gift card and bagel on my last day. So nice! I'm going to eat the whole thing and spend my entire $15 on one hit wonders. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Magnets, Milk And Microwaves

This morning I was wandering around my new desk location, which is near a microwave.

I was pointing out to my new boss man that I have been radiated in a lame attempt to avoid said microwave location when one of the researchers came out of his office and said something to this effect:

"Magnet exposure... lactation... decrease in milk production... dairy cows located under powerlines."

Then he pulled a journal article off a cube wall. (Talk about clutch.)

This steered the conversation to lactation potential - which doesn't affect me in the least - but is a funny place to take a conversation about sitting near a microwave.

"This seating arrangement is really going to hurt my lactation potential," I joked. But joke's on me cause guess who then got taken into the lactation room after that?! Aww yeah!

But, you'll never guess where my new office is, y'all... The lactation room!

Just kidding. I'm still beside the microwave. So if someone burns a Hot Pocket I'll be the first to know. Hot POCKET!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Taking the Stage: The Penultimate

My apologies. I've totally fallen off the Taking the State review wagon. That's what happens sometimes with shows I really like - when the end is near I'll not watch it to kind of "save" it.

But tonight I finally watched the second to last episode, and omg you guys, EPIC. Here we go!

• Malik and Matthew fight. Malik says, "He's disrespectful and I'm not getting disrespected." (Word, Malik.)

• Tyler and Jasmine fight.

Aaron Chin-Beard skips school.

• Mia proclaims that she and Tyler would be a "power couple" if only he'd "be real" and break up with Jasmine.

• Mia confronts Tyler about him not "being real," yells at him to break up with Jasmine. He yells back that he can't because "everyone will hate him" and he has to go to school with Malik, Shaakira and Jasmine. Mia points out that everyone hates her and she's not all tore up over it. (Yeah Tyler, man up!)

• Matthew tells Malik they need "a break." Hearts break on the staircase at SCPA, mostly Malik's.

• Chin-Beard gets kicked out of school. Mia cries. A lot. She tells her friend her feelings toward Chin-Beard are "confusing." (Mia is often confused about her feelings.)

• Malik's mom asks where Matthew's been. Malik confesses they broke up earlier that day at school. He tells his mom he's "trying not to miss him but he can't help it," and starts to cry. (It's only been an hour or two Malik, buck up!) Malik's mom is adorably sweet and supportive. *hugs for Malik's mom!

• Tyler barges in on Jasmine rehearsing, asks if she's "happy." (It's the kiss of death Jasmine, RUN!) He tells her they're too young for love (something Mia told him during their argument, that bastard!) and says he doesn't want a relationship anymore. Tyler starts to cry, hard. (And he's even cuter crying, if that were even possible.) Jasmine cries on the staircase.

• The staircase starts crying at how many break-ups its facilitated in this episode. (Just kidding.)

• Malik's solo at the school's Top the Charts program brings the house down. He's not invisible anymore, you guys!

• Mia's rendition of Heartless is obviously directed toward Tyler and Jasmine. But Chin-Beard is there! Mia rebuffs Tyler's attempts to congratulate her; she and Chin-Beard leave with their arms around each other.


Come back tomorrow when I review the finale (*sobs) and find out what I'll be doing Thursday night. You guys are going to be so stoked when you hear.

Gina, OUT.

Sunday at Ault Park

Friday, May 15, 2009

She's Got A Tricky Knee... TGIF!!!

Perfect for the healthcare and financial crisis.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Daybreak is closed.

Kari and Julie are going to be so sad when they come home. We shared a lot over breakfast burritos and avocado sandwiches.

But we still have Greenup Cafe, ladies!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


is back, and it's covered in sprinkles!

You'll find snacks galore, Brandon Phillips (from a distance) and omgReds uber blogger Dan. Check it out!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Friday, May 08, 2009

Running Sherpa

Ignore my windblown pompadour for a minute and concentrate on Adam in this photo from the Heart Mini.

It cracks me up how much stuff he has on. He looks like a running sherpa. This is my fault. He's carrying my backpack, has my sweatshirt tied around his waist and I'm 90 percent certain he's holding my gloves in his right hand. He's an entire support system in Asics.

Ha! Sorry dude.

I was originally looking at Flying Pig photos from last weekend when I came across this gem from March. Anyway, back to Pig photos!

Fridays Are Heart Healthy. TGIF!!!

Today on TGIF video we are celebrating the hardest working muscle in the body, our heart!

While you sit reading this your heart is working tirelessly, pumping oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. It will thanklessly and without complaint beat 100,000 times today to help keep you alive, and what have you done for it lately?!

See, the reason for this heart lesson today folks is that I got a new job. YAY!!!

Not that I didn't like my old job, but now I've got a new one that's shinier, cooler and heart shaped.

I'm still at Children's of course, but now I'm the Senior Communications Guru in Charge of Everything Awesome With the Heart Institute. Well... it's not my official title, but it's something like that.

It was a natural fit for me really. I mean, the heart is my favorite muscle.

So let's celebrate! Who wants to buy me a glass of heart healthy red wine where I'll casually mention "ventricular tachycardia" and note, "FYI, those fries aren't such a good idea for your cardiomyocyte function."

In the meantime, please enjoy this informative video (who knew our cells drink pop, with a straw!) and celebrate that awesome little organ that never asks for a promotion, more money or even a transfer to another body.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Pigs Fo' Sho

This year for the Pig relay I had a secret, delicious, gelatinous weapon: Gummy Bears.

Saturday night I packed a baggy with 10 or 12 of them. I decided that after each mile, a gummy bear would get it.

What?! Don't judge me. They had it coming for being so adorable and delicious.

As I ticked off each mile I'd pick one off - see ya red gummy bear. You're next white gummy bear. Who will make it to the end? You? You think it's you little bear? We'll see...

Me nor the gummy bears were quite prepared for the Gilbert hill or the hill into Eden Park, because halfway up I started shoving them into my mouth with wild abandon. Let me tell ya, that hill ain't no joke. I needed the calories. Who wouldn't prefer to be eaten rather than run up that hill.

I had only a few left when I got to Ryan, who was waiting for me wearing the sportiest sweatband I've ever seen, which he wore right across his forehead, old school-like.

I arrived with my arms up all, "Yeah! Your turn. Fun times ahead relay-mate!" Then finished off the gummies after a double high-five.

Overall, the Pig was fun as always. Too fun really. It's easy to go insane while out there.

When I woke up at 5:15 and was eating a banana and drinking coffee I told Adam that I was "over" the Pig and that I wasn't going to do it again next year because I was sick of getting up so early.

It's been what, 11 years? I'll just watch by the apartment at like, 9 a.m., I told him.

Then at about mile 3 the sun was out, I was about to cross the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge back into Cincinnati and there was a nice crowd of people lining the streets of Covington cheering and telling me how awesome I was doing and I thought, "I should do the half next year! FUN!"

Temporary insanity for sure.

In other weekend news, I got to see my buddy Byron again, took what I believe is the best photo I've ever taken, and laughed as Adam's daughter got mauled by the Charmin bear, and right before the Piglet fun run!

My only disappointment (and Missy's as well) was not getting a finishers chest bump from A.J. Lafley. I mean, P&G was everywhere, come on Lafley, can't some girls get a chest bump?!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Guess Who I Ran Into Today?!

Byron! And we got to run together for a while. Yay!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Speaking of Swine

Hold the flippin' phone, you guys. The Flying Pig is tomorrow! EEK.

Not cool of it to sneak up on me like that.

Sure, I've known since January I was doing relay again, but still. Time flies when you're not training. Er, I mean... running hella-fast like, all the time.

I'm running the first leg this year, also known as 6.84 miles of early morning gloriousness. It's about the same distance I ran last year for the fourth leg after the course was rerouted for the fire. Of course last year I went for more training runs.

The photo is of me and Byron, who I ran with most Saturday mornings last year. He encouraged me up countless hills, and I tried not to drag him down too much. Then he moved to Louisiana. So selfish! It's probably why I skipped so many runs this year, I was sans Byron.

I'm excited for Sunday though. The Pig is one of my favorite Cincinnati things, whether I'm watching or running the relay. It will be fun!

My fellow relay-mates - Adam, Missy and Ryan - and a few other folks are coming over tonight to carb load.

It's going to be a rockin' Saturday night, y'all. I know I for one will be in bed at like 10:30. CRAZY!

The Seedy Seeds

Checked out The Seedy Seeds (above) last night at the Southgate House. Total awesome. They were as great as everyone says. It was rollicking and fun and who cares if I needed to get to bed early for the Pig. (Because you know it's not the night before that's important, it's the night before the night before.)

Margaret, the singer/guitarist/accordian/tamborine player is also a terrific graphic artist. I wanted so badly one of the buttons she designed featuring a kitten and a heart with a greater than/or equal to symbol between them.

Adorable kitten ≥ ♥

(Why isn't there a kitten symbol? Annoying.) But you get the idea, and I liked where her mind was. Sadly I had NO cash. Next time kitten button!

Speaking of terrific designers, I was really there to see my friend Rob's band, The Mighty play.

Omg loved them. I don't want to overstate it by saying they totally rocked my world, but then again, they totally rocked my world.

Fans were clamoring for Rob to do a bass solo, but sadly he didn't hear said fan scream this at the stage. (Note to self: Louder next time.)

Good times!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday... Isn't It Glorious?!

Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Truly, if this video doesn't give you chills and make you happy, you're dead inside.

Happy weekend to everyone! TGIF!