Friday, May 08, 2009

Fridays Are Heart Healthy. TGIF!!!

Today on TGIF video we are celebrating the hardest working muscle in the body, our heart!

While you sit reading this your heart is working tirelessly, pumping oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. It will thanklessly and without complaint beat 100,000 times today to help keep you alive, and what have you done for it lately?!

See, the reason for this heart lesson today folks is that I got a new job. YAY!!!

Not that I didn't like my old job, but now I've got a new one that's shinier, cooler and heart shaped.

I'm still at Children's of course, but now I'm the Senior Communications Guru in Charge of Everything Awesome With the Heart Institute. Well... it's not my official title, but it's something like that.

It was a natural fit for me really. I mean, the heart is my favorite muscle.

So let's celebrate! Who wants to buy me a glass of heart healthy red wine where I'll casually mention "ventricular tachycardia" and note, "FYI, those fries aren't such a good idea for your cardiomyocyte function."

In the meantime, please enjoy this informative video (who knew our cells drink pop, with a straw!) and celebrate that awesome little organ that never asks for a promotion, more money or even a transfer to another body.



Adam said...

I'm super proud of you!! and congrats on the job too. :) The Heart Institute is lucky to have you. You're going to rock it.

Gina said...

Julie said I have to take my heart shopping since it's most hearts' fave cardio activity.

Ow ow!

Jen Lewis said...

Congratulations, Gina! Good for you! This video was very informative. I especially enjoyed the tall skinny chick's dance moves...I'm going to bust that move next time I go out.