Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Seedy Seeds

Checked out The Seedy Seeds (above) last night at the Southgate House. Total awesome. They were as great as everyone says. It was rollicking and fun and who cares if I needed to get to bed early for the Pig. (Because you know it's not the night before that's important, it's the night before the night before.)

Margaret, the singer/guitarist/accordian/tamborine player is also a terrific graphic artist. I wanted so badly one of the buttons she designed featuring a kitten and a heart with a greater than/or equal to symbol between them.

Adorable kitten ≥ ♥

(Why isn't there a kitten symbol? Annoying.) But you get the idea, and I liked where her mind was. Sadly I had NO cash. Next time kitten button!

Speaking of terrific designers, I was really there to see my friend Rob's band, The Mighty play.

Omg loved them. I don't want to overstate it by saying they totally rocked my world, but then again, they totally rocked my world.

Fans were clamoring for Rob to do a bass solo, but sadly he didn't hear said fan scream this at the stage. (Note to self: Louder next time.)

Good times!

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Josh said...

I guess this all begs the question... have you actually ever heard a bass solo from Rob?

and yes The Seeds were fantabulous!