Monday, May 04, 2009

Pigs Fo' Sho

This year for the Pig relay I had a secret, delicious, gelatinous weapon: Gummy Bears.

Saturday night I packed a baggy with 10 or 12 of them. I decided that after each mile, a gummy bear would get it.

What?! Don't judge me. They had it coming for being so adorable and delicious.

As I ticked off each mile I'd pick one off - see ya red gummy bear. You're next white gummy bear. Who will make it to the end? You? You think it's you little bear? We'll see...

Me nor the gummy bears were quite prepared for the Gilbert hill or the hill into Eden Park, because halfway up I started shoving them into my mouth with wild abandon. Let me tell ya, that hill ain't no joke. I needed the calories. Who wouldn't prefer to be eaten rather than run up that hill.

I had only a few left when I got to Ryan, who was waiting for me wearing the sportiest sweatband I've ever seen, which he wore right across his forehead, old school-like.

I arrived with my arms up all, "Yeah! Your turn. Fun times ahead relay-mate!" Then finished off the gummies after a double high-five.

Overall, the Pig was fun as always. Too fun really. It's easy to go insane while out there.

When I woke up at 5:15 and was eating a banana and drinking coffee I told Adam that I was "over" the Pig and that I wasn't going to do it again next year because I was sick of getting up so early.

It's been what, 11 years? I'll just watch by the apartment at like, 9 a.m., I told him.

Then at about mile 3 the sun was out, I was about to cross the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge back into Cincinnati and there was a nice crowd of people lining the streets of Covington cheering and telling me how awesome I was doing and I thought, "I should do the half next year! FUN!"

Temporary insanity for sure.

In other weekend news, I got to see my buddy Byron again, took what I believe is the best photo I've ever taken, and laughed as Adam's daughter got mauled by the Charmin bear, and right before the Piglet fun run!

My only disappointment (and Missy's as well) was not getting a finishers chest bump from A.J. Lafley. I mean, P&G was everywhere, come on Lafley, can't some girls get a chest bump?!

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