Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We Belong Together (And You Know That I'm Right)

Hey girrrrl... I know you really love me...

For Christmas Ray got me Boys II Men tickets. The show was on Saturday and I was delighted to discover our seats were in the second row, center stage. We were so close they were practically sweating on me. (Heaven.)

I belted out their hits like it was 1993 all over again, and even though Ray wasn’t into Boys II Men so much back in the day, he sang with conviction. In my head we were perfectly harmonizing with them and they were wildly impressed, naturally. #WeBelongTogether

The show was at Horseshoe Casino, a first visit for us. We don’t really gamble and I am fundamentally against ugly, dirty carpet, but we decided to completely embrace the whole experience.

We had burgers at Bobby’s Burger Palace (which is apparently owned (inspired?) by Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay. I have no idea who that is but we ate his burgers anyway. (They were ok.) The fry sauce was good though… some kind of spicy stuff. (Man, I should be a food writer. I’m great at this.)

Then it was time to win millions gambling. So we headed straight for the penny slots.

Did you know that the penny slots require at least a 30 cent bet? I’m no mathematician, but that doesn’t sound like penny slots to me. And there were multiple lines or something on some of the slot machines so instead of just getting three in a row, you could match diagonally and what have you.

I didn’t really understand it. All I know is that when I played Kitty Glitter (match the cats!), the white fluffy cat got you the most money, followed by the orange tabby, then the white and brown tabby, then the ugly cat (Siamese... truth hurts) and letters followed from there. 

Which begs the question: Why were there letters? Did they somehow run out of cat photos for this game? Have they never heard of the Internet, which is made up entirely of cat photos?

Match the cats, win BIG.

Regardless, we won big at Kitty Litter Glitter. 

Drunk with our extra $3 in winnings, we took our new money to the high-roller 25 cent slots area and skipped around from machine to machine (Let’s play the panda slot!) until we finally burned through our money.

In all, we “donated” $34 to the slot machines at Horseshoe Casino. #ballers. We then salved our wounds with slices of pizza before we left. 

In sum, a wild night at Horseshoe Casino was had by all — Boys II Men, Ray and me, ABC, BBD... pretty much the whole east coast family.

And, it turns out, casino carpeting has come a long way. Or at least the carpet at Horseshoe wasn’t hideous at all.

In other recent news, Ray and I realized last night as we were driving to get something to eat that it was our 6th anniversary of meeting. (We had coffee and waffles on our first ‘date.’) 

So, happy anniversary to us! I think this makes us one of those old married couples who hangs around casinos. (YES.)

I was going to take a photo of us last night to mark the occasion but I forgot. By the time I remembered Ray was sound asleep and I didn’t think he’d appreciate me taking a selfie with him while he was snuggled into bed. 

This is what we look like now.

But here is a recent photo of us from Florida. We took a mini spring-break after a work trip I was on and spent two days sun-bathing and a full day at Kennedy Space Center, which was ahhh-mazing.

If you get the chance to go the Space Center, do so. We were there from opening to past closing and still could have stayed longer.
The actual Space Shuttle Atlantis is on full display, which is incredible just by itself.
I posted some photos on my photo blog if you want to see them.
(Just scroll a bit.)