Monday, August 10, 2015

Staycation All I Ever Wanted

My staycation mostly looked like this.

In between Nashville and our long weekend at Norris Lake, I had three days of vacation at home.  

I believe in the parlance of the time this is called a Staycation, meaning: Kicking back and relaxing somewhere near your home and sleeping in your own bed at night. In a word, magical. 

Should a future culture or alien population wonder what people did for staycation fun in 2015, I took copious notes on my three-day, at-home, recreational bender.

Ate lunch, plucked the dead petunias, weeded the flower box, petted the kitties, ordered a new coloring book, went to the pool, took a scooter ride, sat on the front porch swing.
Summary: As my dad would say, I don't get any rest.


Took shoes to the cobbler, drank an iced latte, went to Pilates, got a mani-pedi, got a massage. (I had to, pedicures make me anxious). My new coloring book arrived (!!!). Sat on the front porch swing. 

Summary: Massages are wonderful. So is Amazon Prime. 

Walked to get a haircut, walked to get a sandwich from Carl's Deli, walked home. Colored a picture in my new "World Traveler" coloring book. (Don't judge, it's relaxing and meditative.) Started laundry and dinner. Sat on the front porch swing.
Summary: I am a domestic and arty goddess!

Thus ended my note taking and my staycation. I can't remember what I made for dinner but it was probably perfectly delicious while being simple, creative and nutritious. (It was probably frozen cheese tortellini.)

Some staycationers will recommend being "a tourist in your own city,” and that is great. 

But I’d challenge everyone to take that a step further and be a tourist in your own home. If you play your cards right, you won't even have to leave your yard... Best vacation ever.