Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Neighbors

These little guys and their momma moved in.

I thought my 17-pounds of fun (also known as Cassady) might be curious to see them.

Then my 15-pounds of fun (also known as Cassius) decided he wanted to see them too.

Cassady briefly considered jumping up onto the windowsill. But he decided to go back to sleep instead.

Momma pigeon was none to happy with all this excitement.


Yvette said...

We have one of our own in a fern hanging on the front porch. That momma sits there constantly on her little eggs. The kids get a bird's eye view of her, her nest and the eggs when they kneel on the back of the sofa in front of the window looking out onto the porch. We're anxiously awaiting the baby birds to come.

Lizz said...

How neat! That poor bird probably needs a few shots of tequila after realizing she had made her home a few millimeters of glass away from your kitties.

We had baby birds in our bush one year. I took pics of them as they hatched and grew. One day I went out, they were all feathery by then. Took a pic. The flash scared them to death and they ALL jumped from the nest and scattered all over the yard. They couldn't fly yet. So yeah. I'm a bird killer.

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky, Gina. That's a mourning dove and they're super sweet. And the mamas and papas pair up for life. And the papa birds actually chip in and do the work, no deadbeat dads in the breed. Have fun birdwatching!
Amy P