Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another One Bites The Dust

Well on my way to quitting another hobby - this time knitting.

I tried to learn how to knit from a DVD I got at Target tonight (that was my first mistake) and failed miserably. I figured out how to "cast on," but once it came time to actually knit, I got frustrated and then quickly bored. My fingers don't have the needed dexterity, I've decided. They're designed strictly for typing.

It's not a complete waste of $20, though. I may take a beginners class sometime soon and the cats had fun with the yarn.

1 comment:

big bri said...

Quitting after one night? Is that a new record for you? When you eventually quit this whole blog thing, (which we all know you will) will you post one last, tear jerking goodbye missive? Or just go out cold turkey?