Sunday, December 18, 2005

Report From the Laziest Girl on the Planet

Woke up at noon both days this weekend. (Actually it was more like 1 p.m. Saturday.) But I did finally leave the apartment yesterday, even if it wasn't until 6.

Shrimpfest, Tom's shindig for The Enquirer, was last night, and while I thought I'd stay for an hour or so, I didn't end up leaving until about 2 a.m.

I spent most of the evening convicing Jen she didn't have to be "invited" to read someone's blog, even if it does seem personal. Following the links from my blog, she stumbled upon Craig's blog and also Mike's blog, which she decided was too weird because they didn't know (or invite her) to read them. It was like she was spying on them, she said. Invading their privacy. Which I think is the whole fun of reading people's blogs.

Intermittently throughout this conversation I would yell for Tom's dog, Oscar: "Come here, dog. Hey dog! Heeeere doggy" in a feeble attempt to pat it on the head (ick, it stuck it's wet nose on me) and shed my image as a dog hater. It totally worked because I petted that dog at least four times.

Clearly Shrimpfest was a remarkable success!


Jen said...

Oh no. Here I am again. Damn these blogs.

Craig said...

Ha, ha, here I am too, and in a very timely manner.

Jen, feel free to check my blog, then you'll know that I found my favorite hat.

Gina said...

Dear Jen,

We think you should start your own blog. We've seen your Web site on The Knot but have a hard time remembering where it is. If you had your own blog, surely millions of engaged women world wide would post recipes, reception decorating ideas and wine suggestions. Your blog would be the most popular blog in the world!

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