Wednesday, December 14, 2005

If You Can Fill the Unforgiving Minute...

Aaron on running:

Work on the aesthetics.

Wear running clothes that make you feel like an accomplished runner...the classic torn/threadbare race t-shirt (I'll donate a few), hard core split shorts, black socks, shoes you've taken through the mud. Never wear technical apparel unless it's sporthill. Don't wear a watch.

Run like you mean it and like you look good doing it. Glide, don't trudge. Make a moderately quick pace look like it requires no effort. Charge up hills. Fly down hills.

Low five the kids.

Wheel around and menace anyone who says anything about Forrest Gump.

Jump over things unnecessarily (if someone's looking) but make it look necessary. Cross against the light. Don't run on the sidewalk. Take shortcuts through gas stations and parks and railyards.

Avoid the Observatory and Erie roadrunning corridors. Take back streets and alleys. Hop fences.

Change your route in midstream. Never, ever, go out and back...always a loop, at worst a lasso. Avoid Lunken like the plague, unless it's to run on the golf course. Stop only to check out the view from Eden Park or Mt. Adams.

If you see another runner, catch him/her and pass quickly. Head and knees up all the time, arms held casually, like a Kenyan.

Works for me.


big bri said...

Just ran with Mr. Old School and it was a classic. Nothing like running on the shoulder of columbia pkwy in the dark and snow. My favorite was when he chased after an SUV that almost killed us and threw a rock at it, priceless.

Gina said...

This posting is what Our Hero wrote when I asked him for running advice. It really did nothing in the way of actual advice, but it sounds nice... He mentions nothing about chasing down SUVs, though.

big bri said...

Wow, i've got a lot of work to do. I violate pretty much everyone of his rules of running. I really suck. And i'm sure auto harassment will be covered in lesson two.