Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Behold! The First... and Probably the Last

Susie Daugherty heats up Christmas Eve with the scarf I knitted especially for her.

I can confidently report that the scarf I knitted for her was my mom's favorite gift. (In part because the workout pants I got her were two inches too short.) When she opened it she was so excited you would have thought that I'd cured cancer rather than knitted some balls of yarn together.

She proudly wore it to church the next day bragging to her friends, "Gina knitted this herself."

I confessed as she opened it that I had thrown her scarf in frustration and nearly quit several times, but I pressed on. 

I got boots, a new bag, books, a CD alarm clock (which is awesome), workout pants, a watch, perfume (Style, by Ralph Lauren) and a hand drawn portrait of Johnny Cash, complete with a 22 shell casing. (He shot a man in Reno, remember?)

No one came through with the yak, crampons or ice-axe, however.

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Kelly said...

The CD alarm clock is the new sensation that's sweeping the nation! But remember - I got there first.