Sunday, December 25, 2005

Partying Like It's 1993

Back in the day Lori and I used to knot embroidery floss around strands of our hair. We, like, totally added flair to our otherwise ordinary high school locks.

While Christmas shopping this year she found this Conair Quick Wrap Braider for $1.99 at Big Lots. It does the same thing we did in high school in a fraction of the time. Score!

We used Kaicey, her daughter, as a test subject. She's leaning into the frame with two awesome braids while my turquoise braid sticks out. (Click on the photo for an up close view of how awesome they truly were.)

Nolan, her son, is touching Jack's foot (her other son), who was asleep on the couch. And I'm singing the lyrics "This is no ordinary weave" to the tune of Sade's No Ordinary Love.

I've been BFF with Lori since 10th grade, yet she insisted on giving me step-by-step instructions (rather nervously, I might add) on how to work the machine.

Don't let her distraught face fool you, though. Her weave was lookin' goooood!


Addicted to Pretzels said...

Girrrrrrrl. You gotta nickul I c'n borruw??

OldNavy said...

Dang, somebody's stomach hurt up in here.

Smell ya later said...

The periodical section is the ghetto of the bookstore.