Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wendy's Old Fashioned Dancing

I started taking dance classes about four months ago. Every time I mention it someone says: "You take a dance class? I didn't know that." And then they sort of look at me, like at any second I could leap to my feet and bust into a little jig.

I love the classes... It's tap and jazz with a little hip hop thrown it. What's funny about it though... actually, two things that are funny about it...  ok three things:
  1. First, the dance studio is in Northern Kentucky. If you don't live around here people think, "Kentucky? Is it square dancing?"
  2. Two, it's located in a renovated Wendy's. Yeah, that's right, as in the old fashioned hamburger place. You can't tell from the inside that it was once a mecca for square meat patties because it's all been refurbished, but when you roll up it slowly dawns on you, "Hmm... did this... used... to be... a Wendy's? (The big give away is the gold awning that's still there.)
  3. And three, if I didn't know better, I would swear that Mary Kay LeTourneau is in my jazz class. There's a lady in there who looks just like her... Mousy brown wispy hair, similar features. It's a bit distracting.


big bri said...

Please tell me they still have the Superbar set up. How awesome would that be to put yourself into some chili and pasta after getting your groove on? Especially with Mary Kay

Gina said...

Sometimes I slip on vegetable oil.

Breedlove said...

I thought that all closed fast food places were turned into check cashing places.

Did you really say "mecca for square meat"????

Awesome. punchitchewey.blogspot has huge competition.