Sunday, November 20, 2005


Some how, I guess in my excitement to write about how the survivors in Alive eat each other, I neglected to mention my favorite part of the book.

It comes late, not until page 312 of the paperback version and it's only a few sentences in a long graph, but it's what ultimately makes plodding through the narration worthwhile.

...They come home to realize how frivolous their lives had been before. Money is now meaningless. Fashionable clothes. Clubs. Petty advances. Idle living. All meaningless. The experiences of the crash, the avalanche, the having to survive on human flesh all culminates to strip off every superficial thing. In the end, all they care about is family, friends, girlfriends, God and country.

It's fascinating how so much means so little.


Breedlove said...

Maybe you can do a post entitled: "How To Peel A Spleen." That may be a blood bath.

gina said...

can you get me a spleen from work? does university hospital have them lying around somewhere? like maybe you could get me one from the incinerator.

Breedlove said...

Gallbladder, easy. Pancreas, maybe. But a spleen'l cost ya.

sloving said...

You do realize that people-meat is probably verboten in vegetarian cooking. Pls alert me when you've dropped the "learning how to snack on humans" hobby!