Thursday, November 24, 2005

Breakfast of Champions

Last week I went to Andy's Mediterranean Grille for a short feature on his hookah. It was 11 a.m., so of course it was my first assignment/meal of the day.

To ensure that the photos were adequately smokey, David, our photographer, had me smoke what seemed to be a pound of apple shisha. Andy was in heaven, though, puffing away and billowing smoke from his pipe. And once I got it out of my head I shouldn't force it out like cigarette smoke, the water pipe and I became fast friends. (Ah, just like college.)

To wash it all down, he also gave us Lebanese coffee (no cream, no sugar - yikes) and different types of baklava. Delish.

A water pipe. Apple tobacco. Black coffee. Baklava.

Best breakfast I've had in years.


Kari said...

hell yeah, Gina's got a blog!

Sandy Bressner said... I just found your blog...I have a new email that I guess you don't know about...Anyhoo. I love hookahs! I will be going to Morocco next year and will partake of many...Miss ya, G!

The Shiv said...

Well, aren't you a Panama Red. Miss you ...