Monday, April 27, 2009

Taking The Stage: Moms Are Awesome Edition

I've decided if I didn't already have an awesome mom I would want Jamine's mom.

Last week on Taking the Stage Jasmine finds out she gets to audition at Julliard. Wow. Such a privilege.

Jasmine's mom, Elodie, is just so proud of her you can feel it. What expense and time it must have taken for this family to get her where she is.

The night before her audition in their Chicago hotel room Jasmine's mom tells her, "You have a lot of people praying for you. And we are so proud of you." About then she starts to choke up and cry, then continues, "But I always knew you could do it and hard works pays off. I just know you're going to do well and do great where ever you go."

Heart-wrenching! I may have been a little misty as I watched. (Is it dusty in here?!)

When her mom drops her off at Julliard she tells her, "Ok Jazzie, this is it. You just stay focused and keep praying, hear?"

Then her mom goes across the street and sits for God knows how long in a little diner waiting for her daughter as she hopes for her big break. Can you imagine the torture? Just having to sit there and wait. Ugh.

When Jasmine cames into the restaurant when she's finished her mom is so excited she gets up and eagerly asks, "Jazzie, how did you make out?"

Sadly, Jasmine got cut.

I don't know much about ballet (as we all know) but technically Jasmine seems flawless. She just doesn't have that... passion. That soul, you know. Of course she's like 17. There is still plenty of time for her.

It was heartbreaking to watch though. And her mom, obviously disappointed, continued to tell her how proud she is of her and that it's ok, she did her best.

Elodie, you have my nomination for best mom ever.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Malik face-off in a national dance competition. Tyler joins an already established crew of about 100, while Malik starts his own crew a quarter of the size. Malik does all his own choreography and coaching, while Tyler's team has a slew of experienced coaches and choreographers.

Tyler's team has matching outfits and pyrotechnics. Malik's doesn't.

Tyler's team wins of course. But Malik's crew comes in second.

But I'd have given it to Malik. The dancing was just as strong and more authentic, and they didn't need purple outfits and pyrotechnics.

What's this, Gina? Is Tyler's star fading?! I believe it's true, people.

Also, Tyler keeps showing up wherever Mia is. Annoying.

P.S. Jasmine, Tyler doesn't deserve you. Xoxox, Gina

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