Monday, April 20, 2009

Love's Big But

It might be spring in Cincinnati, but it's Christmas time on the Taking the Stage, folks.

And that means it's Nutcracker audition season - Tyler wants to be the Russian, Jasmine a Sugar Plum Fairy and Shaakira desperately, desperately wants to be the Snow Queen. "Please God, Snow Queen," she says.

Aaaand everyone gets the part they want.

The pressure becomes unbearable for Shaakira, though, who has a crisis of confidence. She's scared she's not as good as her peers and also has to endure hearing Jasmine get heaps of praise during every dance class. Poor sweet girl!

You can do it Shaakira!

Meanwhile, Mia's Uber Pale friend (with the unfortunate chin beard) writes Mia a love song and performs it for her, finally putting it out there that he doesn't want to be on the backburner anymore.

It's a pretty good song. About as subtle as a John Mayer lyric, but still, he owns it and it's great.

In return Mia proclaims to "love him more than anything, but..." As Pee Wee says, Everyone always has big but. Uber Pale stays in the friend zone. Sad.

As Tyler practices for his role as the Russian Mia gives him the swell advice to add a little hip-hop to the piece, when really Tyler should be practicing his basic ballet skills.

Oh well. It's show time!

Jasmine walks into the men's dressing room to ask Tyler for a quarter (weird) and guess who's back there wishing him luck?! Mia! Omg they are sooo BUSTED!

Tyler and Jasmine fight in the hallway.

But out on stage, Shaakira sparkles!

The fears and self-doubts have given way to a gorgeous performance. Mia, who is now in the front row watching, goes on and on about how fab Shaakira is. But when Jasmine takes the stage she says Jasmine "looks fake" and "does nothing for me."

Not cool Mia.

Then it's Tyler's turn as the Russian. Buuuuut it doesn't go well. The usually impeccable Tyler nearly takes out a Christmas tree during his turns - the audience gasps! - and he falls over at the end on his landing. Yikes. (I blame Mia's "good luck" wish.)

Jasmine tries to console Tyler but he's too distraught over his performance to care about what she says.

The next day at school they have a big fight (in the snow) over what a jerk Tyler was to her and also about Mia.

When Jasmine says Mia was "a kid in a candy store" while Tyler was on stage, an ever so slight smile briefly flashes across his face.

It's the death knell for Tyler and Jasmine I'm afraid.

Tune in Thursday for latest dance showdown between Malik and Tyler; Jasmine's audition for Juilliard and Tyler and Mia "confusing" each other.


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OMG, I can't believe you just quoted Pee Wee. I snit you not, I used that line this morning and nobody got it. I am sending you a different YouTube link right now...

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