Monday, April 13, 2009

Hip Hop A Lot

Sooo much dramz on Taking the Stage last week.

It's the school's singer-songwriter showcase, i.e. another way for Mia to win something. Mia is still crushing on Tyler from their make-out session. Tyler seems to still be crushing on Mia, but claims to want Jasmine back. Jasmine is still mad about the whole thing.

*Insert panoramic of Cincinnati skyline.

Tyler has his little brother deliver roses to Jasmine in ballet class, then offers Jasmine a half-hearted apology. (I didn't see any tears, Tyler.) Jasmine's not convinced he's sorry. Yeah whatever, Tyler! You can't just woo us back with your smooth moves and adorable smile, ok? This is a trust thing!

Jasmine does a solo dance to Beyonce's If I Were A Boy. Omg, girl. Dance it out.

Mia tells Uber Pale Aaron (with the unfortunate chin beard) that she doesn't even care what people are saying about her and Tyler. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. Mia claims to be "too pale to blush" when Uber Pale calls her out for continuing to gush about him. She just wants to work on her song, ok guys?

Jasmine is bummed that she and Tyler are on the outs. Her bday party is at Skatetown USA and it won't be the same without him. Or will it?

At Skatetown... The lights dim and JJ starts singing a super awkward song to Jasmine from Tyler. (He's sorrrrry girrrrrl.) And then, Tyler busts through a random side door (sans skates) and proceeds to hip-hop his way back into Jasmine's heart to Chris Brown's With You.

Oh/I'm into you, and girl no/One else will do.

Jasmine and the rest of the girls weep with wonder at Tyler's romantic, dancing gesture. But come on! Haven't we seen these moves before?! You might be able to win Jasmine back with your pop-and-lock, Tyler, but you're gonna need some fresh steps to get me back. Playa.

Mia learns of this win-her-back performance for Jasmine and is visibly crushed. But it's cool because she won that singer-songwriter thing.

Coming Thursday - Jasmine busts Mia and Tyler hugging, while Tyler is dressed as a toy soldier. Ow ow!

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