Sunday, April 05, 2009

All About Me Weekend

This week on or about ohhhh, Monday, I decided this weekend I wasn't going to do anything I didn't want to do.

You know what I'm sayin.' Sometimes you need to take a day or two for numero uno. So that's what I did.

Friday night I went out the girls. Really they're all Missy's girls, but they've kindly adopted me into the crew. Whenever I hang out with them all I do is laugh.

For example, I got to hear first-hand the story of when Missy's sister did a cannonball into the pool at Jeff Ruby's Waterfront, complete with the announcement of "CANNONBALL!" just before she gawooshed under water. Ha! It cracks me up just thinking about it.

Usually on Saturdays I meet my impromptu "running group" at the Peace Bell. We're a very serious group. I barely even run, one of them is a smoker, several others are social smokers and we rarely all run the same route, but we're all on relay teams, so this is serious stuff, people. We got to train!

Except that it was all about me weekend and when I asked myself if that meant running I had to answer honestly. And that answer was a big fat NO. So no four miles for me. Too bad. :)

I did bike 5 miles though, which was way more fun.

I celebrated this decision at the Montgomery Inn on Saturday night, assuring myself as I scarfed down barbecue that had I actually gone for a run I would be have fantastic. Cheers to my fastest mile ever! (In my head.)

Sunday morning I woke up thinking, "I need a pancake like, now." Fortunately I was able to make that happen at the Echo.

Afterwards I wanted to scooter ride up to Devou Park but sadly for Stella and me Dean was working today. (It was Sunday Sun-Day at the Observatory. )

I waffled on whether or not I wanted to go without him - Dean knows all the good scooter-friendly ways to go places - but Stella was all, "Girl, please, I know how to get there," so we on without him. He's going to be sooo jealous when he finds out.

I'm finishing up this all about me weekend with my favorite show, Taking The Stage. I still have the new one from Thursday on DVR, so dibs on the couch kitties. Move it!

Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine!

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