Monday, April 27, 2009

Super Sporty

I know what you're thinking, Where on earth did Gina get that fantastic arm sleeve.

Well people, there's another one just like it. I'm just not wearing it.

I've biked more this spring than I've biked in the last 10 years. Adam and I have been hitting Lunken most nice evenings/weekends for a 5 mile roll. And as fortune would have it, I found this arm sleeve in his bike kit during a recent outing.

It's stunning isn't it? I mean, let's say I want to go biking but it's a little chilly, yet I know I'll heat up after a bit. Helloooo arm sleeve.

I'm thinking about wearing it even when it's not cool outside. I'm probably something like 57 percent faster just looking at it.

Somehow Adam wasn't very enthusiastic about posing for photos with me in the arm sleeve. Some people are just really sensitive about their arm sleeves.

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