Sunday, April 05, 2009

Taking the Stage Episode III

(Also, known as the "Tyler screws the pooch" episode.)

Last week the cliffhanger asked the question, "Is Tyler a playa?" Well fair readers, I hate to be the bearer of bad news - cause we were all really rooting for Tyler and Jasmine, right? (Ok maybe just me) - but it turns out that yes, yes he is a player. Tyler how could you?!

The formula is clear now: Each week features a new reason why the kids have to go on stage and be awesome, and this week's reason is the school's annual fundraiser, complete with "Cincinnati dignitaries" in the audience, as Mr. Artistic Director tells the kids.

The schtick is a mash-up up of genres, so Tyler the dancer gets teamed up with Mia the singer-songwriter for the show.

They spend the entire episode locked in long, flirty looks at each other. Annoying! I'm on Team Jasmine and this was most upsetting. (I'm gonna need some Funyons to help me through this emotional time.)

Jasmine, meanwhile, is kind of MIA in the episode, only occasionally dancing into a scene.

After Tyler, Mia and the rest of their mash-up group finishes their awesome performance - in front of Nick Lachey and his girlfriend (I guess they're the dignitaries?) - Tyler and Mia, in their post-performance exhilaration, run off together and nearly kiss in the hallway. WHAT?!

We find out via Shaakira that Tyler and Mia actually made-out at a post-performance party. (Speaking of mashing, y'all.)

Later at school Mia tells her uber-pale rocker friend What's-His-Face (with the unfortunate chin beard) that she doesn't care what everyone is saying because she like, likes Tyler, and he digs her too. Meanwhile Tyler confesses his deed to Jasmine and asks for forgiveness while Rihanna's Take A Bow plays in the background.

Yeah, don't tell me you're sorry when you're not, Tyler. You're only sorry you got caught! Grab your (dance) clothes and get-gone, punk.

Adam rushed to Jasmin's aide immediately after the closing credits pointing out, "This is Jasmine's first boyfriend. She has no clue! And she's suddenly dating this dude who clearly knows he's good looking, and clearly knows girls like him - cause girls like dancers." (Indeed, we all remember Adam Makes Tacos... and Puts a Ring On It. We all liked that.) "She needs to dump him!"

In sum: Don't do it Jasmine! He IS a player!

Stay tuned for next week's episode when we find out if roses can win back Jasmine's trust.

Here's the performance that started this wack shizz. (Hmm... Maybe Jasmine could date the dude who raps in it.)

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cassi said...

...."Tyler" and "Mia" make a better couple...they have that connection going when they first met... Jasmine, harpd on poor Tyler and b4 u knew it..he's in a marraige...he's scared...and I don't blame him. Go to Mia man, she's better 4u.