Friday, November 28, 2008

Radio City Christmas OMG

I'm just home from seeing the Rockettes and Omg, they were awesome.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular was truly fantastic. I expected it to be fun and entertaining, but it was so much better than I imagined. It was light-hearted and sweet and had giant dancing bears and toy soldiers and ice skating - the stage even caught fire at one point - but the Rockettes were the stars, kicking eye-high with stunning precision and poise.

I gleefully applauded as I studied them and wondered, What have I done with my life? I could have been a Rockette... I could have been a contender!

Turns out, I really could have been a Rockette. Maybe. Ok probably not. But according to the Radio City auditions web page I meet the "requirements," which are: "ROCKETTES must be between 5'6" and 5'10 1/2" tall (measurements will be taken). Rockette candidates must be proficient in jazz and tap."

Proficient? I could tap and jazz the roof off US Bank Arena!

Ahh well. I'll be a Rockette in my next life for sure.

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