Friday, November 28, 2008

Get Well Soon Merle

We were sitting in my parents' living room chatting about country music — Merle, Willie, Waylon, pretty much all the boys — when my dad asked his sister if she had found Merle's address.

Yes, I sure did, she assured him.

Did you send Merle a card, my dad asked.

I did, she told him. A get well card.

"Merle?" I asked. "Merle... Haggard? You sent him a card?"

I was confused. Did we suddenly switch topics to a sick family member? Or were we still talking about country music singers?

"Yes," my aunt said. "Merle Haggard. He's very sick. He has cancer. He's truly in a fight for his life."

"What did the card say, Wanda?" my dad wanted to know.

"It said: 'Get well soon. A friend in Indiana.'"

I started to laugh at how casually they were referring to "Merle." As though it make all the sense in the world that my aunt would send him a get well card, like he was an ill relative. 

"If you had Merle's address you'd want to send him a get well soon card too, wouldn't you Gina?" my aunt asked me. "I'll send you his address, hon — let him know he has a friend in Ohio too."

I reckon I'll be sending out a card soon.

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