Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bravo Paavo!

Last Sunday I waited for what seemed like forever for a table at Green Up cafe.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Standing in the breezeway waiting. Waiting. WAIT! Omg, it's Paavo!!

You'd have thought Barack just walked in. I grabbed my phone and started snapping pictures, hopeful I'd a decent one off before we got seated. But because the hostess at Green Up SUCKED, he got seated before us (even though we were there first) and as he ascended the stairs I snapped a few more shots.

Then, as brunch luck would finally have it, we got seated right next to him!

He was with a woman who I presume was his wife, their two kids (do they have two kids?) and another gentleman.

I didn't hit my stop watch but it seemed to me it took his wife about 30 minutes to order some pancakes and tea... then again she was also ordering for the kids, so that probably takes longer.

Midway through the brunch the older gentleman fell off his chair and landed on the floor... on his back, like FELL OFF HIS CHAIR. Paavo was saying, "Bad chair. There is something wrong with that chair," while his friend worked on getting up off the floor.

Like Paavo, I thought the chair had broke. I was thinking, What an outrage! A chair at one of Jean-Robert's restaurants just broke and threw Paavo's friend on the floor!

But actually no, the chair didn't break. When the guy got back up he hopped right back on the same chair. Weird.

But the best part, after the falling off the chair drama was over, Paavo looked at him and very calmly but sincerely asked, "Are you ok." The guy responded casually, "Yes," and that was that.

Wildly entertaining.

Honestly, once I realized he was ok it was all I could do to not crack up, I mean the guy fell off his chair right in front of me. And I was also wildly impressed with how nonchalantly the table dealt with it. A little while later Paavo's son fell off his chair, but he's a kid so... that sort of thing happens to kids.

Later his little girl ran around taking photos with Paavo's digital camera. I did my best to ingratiate myself to her - I was smiling, posing, I may have even waved, I can't remember - in the hopes of her taking a shot of me and having a photo of myself on his camera. But it didn't work. She was a well-behaved little girl and wasn't going to get in anyone's face with a camera.

Unlike me! Enjoy this badly lit photo of my brunch idol.

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