Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Fun-Day

Obviously this is not my computer (gasp!), but the pot pie is all mine.

I spent the afternoon at the Coffee Shop on Madison, drinking an iced soy latte and reading the New York Times.

It's been a while since I've tackled the Sunday Times in print. I had missed it and looked forward to today all week. $5 sounds like a lot compared to reading it for free online, but it's not the same. Not the same at all.

Adding to my afternoon contentment was eating a delicious Tom's Pot Pie, which The Coffee Shop gets delivered every morning. Damn it was good. Big hunks of chicken, thick pot-pie gravy, a sprinkling of vegetables (I'd have preferred more vegetables though) and a thick flaky crust. Yum. I was full for hours afterwards.

O'Bryonville was bustling too, which was nice to see. Carolers were dressed up and singing on the corners, balloons tied to meters announced the real beginning of the shopping season with the start of the Running Spot sale, and folks filed in and out of Kismet and other shops.

I stopped in the Running Spot for a new watch and got to say hello to several old colleagues. Bob, the Running Spot's owner, stopped me to tell me the Running Spot was named Store of the Year by the 700-some independently run specialty running stores in the country. (There is apparently some group or club or association they are all members of, complete with a yearly meeting and awards ceremony.)

He was so proud of it he had the award encased in glass with little runner's lights flashing around it at the front of the store. It was endearing.

I don't know if it was the sun finally shining again and the warmer weather or what, but today seemed just about perfect.


Adam said...

Don't hate. It's the best kind of computer, free. Pot pie, latte, new running shoes, sunny's totally a fun day Sunday

Gina said...

Ok my bad. Free computers do rule.

Dave P. said...

The Sunday NYT in print has been a ritual of ours for years. I love spending the whole day reading the paper in parts: Sports and Arts & Leisure in the morning, front page and Week in Review at lunch or dinner, and the weekly mag for bedtime reading. Glorious.

Gina said...

I have a similar ritual, only mine goes: Book Review, Styles and then a beeline for Frank Rich and then Modern Love.

I also learned to love Tofu after reading about it in the food column in the magazine. Glorious indeed.