Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hell on Wheels

Meet Noah, the most kick-ass scooter mechanic in all the land.

After a mere 24 hours with Stella Noah called to say the new muffler job was complete and she was purring like a kitten again.

"It was a pain in the ass," he said. But I could tell he meant it with love.

When I saw his garage (see photo below) I died of envy. Turns out his real passion isn't putting mufflers on old Honda Elites, it's restoring and rebuilding antique Vespas. (I know, you just died too.)

He noted that my Honda was the first time he'd had an Elite in his garage. He also added that he barely drove it.

I mean, sure he's got all of these super-cool Vespas all over all the place, but maybe he didn't notice that Stella is purple and all banged-up and the paint is corroding off and the plastic shield on the side flops off and the left turn signal is cracked. Hello? What's to be embarrassed about here, people?!

Obviously he doesn't see her potential like I do. (Potential = She runs.)

When I went to pick her up tonight he said I should "get a real scooter."

I should have kicked his ass right then and there. Because, you know, Noah looks like the type of dude you'd want to step-to.

Truly, he was a scooter-gift-from-heaven - thanks Dear Sweet Baby Jesus in the Manger! And he even humored me with the whole camera thing.

Now watch this video of me driving away from Noah's garage. I think I was really pulling off the bad-ass vibe until I enthusiastically waved. (Note to self: Scooter bad-asses don't wave.)

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