Monday, July 27, 2009

What I've Been Reading

Mean but funny... and also lacking an apostrophe.

Well, it certainly hasn't been books.

After Marathon Woman I pulled a few books from my shelves only to be disappointed by each. Drag. And since the new and improved Gina (Gina 2.0) doesn't her waste her time on crappy books anymore, I put them back down rather than force myself to plod through them.

I have been reading Sedaris' When You Are Engulfed in Flames before bed, but those are just quick essays that you can't really sink your teeth in to.

What I have been reading though, are a few blogs I've recently added to my Blog roll.

My friend John (we go waaaaay back to high school) is sharing how he got back on that ever going-too-fast-for-me-to-really-catch-it fitness train. He has all his deets in there (including a before and after pic!) but also some really great info, funny photos and useful links.

This link to Bush Yoga slayed me. And omg, Hater Tots?! Hahahahaha!

My friend Lizz (we also go waaaaay back to high school - turns out the friends I made there were cool for life) has also flagged down the fitness train - and made it her beeyotch.

She's a mom of three and in addition to the tales of her daily life she's started writing a weekly post called Farewell to Fat.

I've always known Lizz to be one of the funniest, ballsiest chicks on the planet. From her first post:

I am at my all time highest weight EVER. This includes pregnancy weights. I am heavier now than when I had another human being crammed inside my innards. How did I get here? I took Oreo Street to Donut Drive. I turned onto Pizza Place and took a dip in Starbucks Lake before heading out to Big Mac Lane and finally hitting my destination: The State of Obesity.

(I'm one of her friends who would argue she is not fat, but I think her goal, like John's, is to return to the fabulous, fit person she once was.)

So after revealing she's bigger than she has ever been she proceeds to give the measurements of her "brick house," including her weight (GASP!) and body fat percentage (OMG, not that!).

Told ya, balls of steel. (I'm referring of course to her 43" inch bust. Some girls have all the luck.)

Their transparency is delightful. (I'd do this myself, see, except that I'm lazy. Sure I look thin and fit, but believe me, I'm like 37 percent pudding on the inside.)

While I'm on the topic of fitness and motivation, my dude's blog (Adam) is always a great source for such things. (Only he's really, really annoying because he's an uber-fast runner and is unfailingly motivated and doesn't even skip runs even though he works three-12s on the nightshift. Grrrr!)

But... I will tell you this. There is a before and after photo out there of my dude when he was overweight fat. The contrast is like night and day, and whenever I see it I crack the hell up. (I'm mean.)(But I am not immune to bribery if anyone really, really wants to see it.)

But that's what I've been reading lately.

Last week, thanks to Lizz's blog, I actually went to the gym for the first time since spring. (Ok I went only once, but still!) So thanks Lizz!

(Full disclosure since I'm talking smack about Adam and I know if I don't bring this up he will: There is a photo of me on the coffee table right now, circa 2000, where I have what I call a moon-pie face. When I showed the photo to my friend Michele she was like, "Holy shit you had a fat face!"

I'm sure the rest of me was fat too. I should scan it in and post it so you all can feel free to point and laugh, no bribes necessary. I am without shame. Sadly.)


Lizz said...

OK. I am laughing so HARD. Did you know that my fave donuts are the pudding filled ones?

So Gina = Awesome

To you, Pudding filled Gina = not so awesome

But to ME, Pudding filled Gina - fucking AWESOME!

Thanks for the mention, yo. Now get your pudding filled ass to the gym.

(Is it vanilla? Chocolate? Banana?)

Adam said...

She's boston cream pie. HEY OH!

Gina's more athletic by proxy. I am constantly under threat to run fast and beat targets of her choosing or face the consequences.

help me. :) but really :( just kidding. help

Gina said...

I'm whatever kind of filling Lizz wants me to be, Adam. Hey-O!

And you'll be punished for being a whiny candy-ass. Pshht. Crying for help on my blog.

4:30 minute mile, remember that? Mmm hmm.

Lizz said...

Boston Cream Pie is my baby daddy.

I can't help you until you help yourself, dear Adam. ;)