Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Blue Angel Was Violated!

This morning when I opened the door to my sweet, innocent Blue Angel I saw that the contents of the glove compartment and console was scattered all over the floor board.


I searched to ensure that my "valuables" were still there:

• iPhone charger. Check.

• MP3 tape adapter. Check. (what? don't hate)

Then I scurried to the trunk to make sure these vicious thieves didn't take my beach chairs - those things were nearly impossible to find.

Whew. All present and accounted for.

As I slowly put the contents of the Blue Angel's purse back into their various compartments and surveyed the crime scene I realized, Those rat bastards stole my Thriller CD!!!

Not Thriller! Not my go-to for gettin' down.

Buuuut they didn't steal Madonna's Hard Candy. Ouch. (Ok, it's no Thriller, but it's still damn good.)

Anyway, be warned... there are some thieves running around Hyde Park stealing Michael Jackson CDs. (Ok, so maybe they wouldn't steal Dangerous.)

I should also note that none of my windows were broken out and I always lock my car, so they must have used one of those jimmy things or a coat hanger or whatever. A-holes.


Lizz said...

I'm totally on the lookout for a dude wearing a "I Broke Into Gina's Car And All I Got Was This MJ CD" shirt.

Dan said...

Actually, I must confess. I took your keys, got into your car and ganked your MJ CD. I trashed the car just to make it look good. Sorry.