Sunday, July 05, 2009

I Ain't No Joke

It was inaugural weekend for me and my sweet new Trek bike here. Together we rode 14 miles, hand-in-hand, er... grip and hand.

Now that I roll on a Trek I'm pretty much on par with Lance Armstrong now. It's only a matter of time until he asks to draft off me in the Tour. At least that was my daydream today on Little Miami Bike trail after spending the morning watching Tour de France coverage on Versus. (Who knew I had Versus?!)

My "new" bike here is actually about 10 years old. I'd been surfing around on Craigslist for a hybrid when a cycling enthusiast colleague of mine sent me the link to this dream machine.

It's about 40 pounds lighter than my old Target mountain bike, the gears don't grind when you shift them, the tires aren't fat and knobby, it has a drink holder(!!!), and the seat is awesomely big and cushy. Oh yeah, and it practically rides itself.

We're lucky to have found each other in this big, bicycling world.


Yvette said...

Girl, you look good. Congrats on finding your bicycling soulmate!

Mike_R said...

that's a nice looking bike. do you leave it unlocked at night?