Friday, July 10, 2009

A Video Salute to CiN

It's been a rough week for many of my former colleagues at the Enquirer, and even worse for all of them at CiN.

It's a bittersweet Friday. But hopefully this video of better days will make it a bit more sweet. (Maybe? No? Ok, damn.)

I'm heading to the Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp show in Dayton shortly, and I thought this Willie song kinda nailed it. Hurry and watch before YouTube cuts off the audio for copyright infringement!


P.S. Julie, it picked the thumbnail automatically. I changed it but it will take a little while. Sorry!


Mike_R said...

I'm already looking forward to CiN Fest. Where we all get drunk and rage against the machine. Who's in?
Ending with Rocco was a nice touch.

Mike_R said...

Best job i ever had.

Kari said...

Nice work, Gina

Kelly said...


I think that really, 7-8-09 was the first "CiN Fest."

Gina said...

I dug deep to find the photos of Rocco slathered in bbq sauce and drooling on himself in that booth at McFaddens. But alas, it was no where within reach.

I'll track it down for CiN Fest. I'm IN.