Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus In the Manger

Thank you dear sweet baby Jesus in the manger for getting me my job at Children's where I met my colleague Michael, who told me about Noah the scooter mechanic, who rebuilt my other colleague (and Michael's friend) Jason's scooter engine.

And also dear sweet baby Jesus in the manger, thank you for the Internet, where I was able to find a muffler for a 2000 Honda Elite 50. And thank you that I have the means to drop $120 - $120!!! - for this new muffler to replace the one that's rusted out and causing my scooter to be deafeningly loud, which brings me back to thanking you for my kick-ass job.

One more teensy-weensy request sweet baby Jesus if you have the time - and if not, hey, no big deal, ok?! I'm totally grateful for what I have, believe you me - but could you please maybe send a signal to Noah, my new favorite person on the planet who is also my new-found scooter mechanic, to not hose me on the labor costs to install this new muffler that you have so generously bestowed on me.

But if Noah needs the extra cash to buy a new water pump for his house or pay some medical bills or get his kid a new bike for his birthday or whatever, then forget it, go ahead and let him charge me whatever he wants. (Within some reason, though, Ok sweet baby Jesus in the manger?)




Adam said...

Yeah. That's pretty awesome that you found Jason Bateman's scooter mechanic to help you out with Stella. Man, Arrested Development was such a good show. ;)

She did sound pretty sweet with the hole in the muffler. Kind of like a Yamaha dirt bike. She was also very feisty.

Gina said...

Bayman! His name is Bayman!

Adam said...

No, I'm pretty sure you said Jason Bateman. Teen Wolf Too is so underrated.

Lizz said...