Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's A Sad, Sad Day, People

Uhm, can anyone reading this weld?

Tonight Stella and I were cruising the streets of Clifton with Dean when all of sudden Stella got deafeningly loud. Like, ear splitting. And I was even wearing a helmet.

I know what you're thinking, How loud could it be, it's a scooter?

Well, I'm talking I-cut-a-hole-in-my-Harley-exhaust-pipe loud. Sound bouncing off of guard-rails and cars loud. Embarrassing loud, even.

"It sounds like an aggressive weed-eater," I told Adam solemnly.

After some inspection we found that nearly 10-year-old Stella has a crack in her rusted exhaust pipe. Sad. I guess that's the scooter equivalent of having bronchitis.

The good news though, I guess if there's good news here, is that Stella is way faster now. As I was coming home I noticed it felt like I was flying, though I wasn't sure if it was actual speed or just noise.

Turns out, it was actual speed. Dean said I was going about 43.

"Back pressure," my dad explained. Too bad my dad the retired mechanic isn't closer. Not only would I have him replace my exhaust, but I'd also have him keep Stella super-speedy.

But alas, Stella and I are stalled right now. The summer just got a whole lot less fun.


Lizz said...

Can't you just go the the Stella store and buy Stella parts?

Gina said...

Yo, didn't y'all notice my sweet Photoshop skillz on Stella?

I hate my blog readers.

Yvette said...

I noticed your sweet Photoshop skillz, I was just too sad to comment. She looked pitiful - all frowning and stuff. Kind of like my kids when their little hearts are breaking.

Katherine said...

your skillz are off the hook.