Sunday, June 14, 2009

18 Miles of Asphalt

Wait, make that 19, because according my dude's Garmin, we technically rode 19.3 miles. Ow ow!

This morning was the 3rd Annual Ride Cincinnati for Breast Cancer Research.

Waking up before 10 a.m. is usually met with swearing and me hitting snooze 47 times, but this morning I was bright-eyed and ready to roll at 7:30.

Now if only I didn't have the heaviest, crappiest Target bike on the planet I would have been gold! (As it was I'd say I was more steel.)

Here's everyone lined up at the start on the Purple People Bridge.

I'm pretty sure Adam is singing Welcome to the Jungle in his head... to get pumped.

This was at the turn-around at mile 9. Note how my tongue is out. It looks like I'm joking around, but really, I kinda wasn't. My bike weighs like 40 pounds I swear, and has big fat knobby mountain bike tires. You got to dig deep to move that thing around!

I was back to being hella-sporty in no time though.

So that's what that pocket is for, animal crackers!

Adam was hungry too.

I packed as many animal crackers as I could into my pocket, which left this little guy vulnerable to Adam riding up on me and stealing it. Jerk!

Caution - People flipping.

My first chain tattoo! I'm thinking about making it permanent instead of WD40.

Victory was ours!


Adam said...

You owned that ride and earned that chain tattoo with your blood, sweat and awesome. For the record any animal cracker left out in the open is fair game. It was asking for it. yum. :P

Lizz said...

I don't know what that sign had me so tickled but it cracked me the hell up.

Lizz said...

"why" I don't know "why"....jeez. Penalty! Improper use of pronoun.