Sunday, June 14, 2009

Make It Work, Designers!

It took a model and two handlers to get this dress down the runway.

You guys are going to be so jealous, but guess who had rock star fourth row seats to the DAAP fashion show on Friday night? Oh yeah, this one. Right here.

Ok so I was like tenth in line for the tickets, but since she couldn't find anyone else who wanted them my friend Katherine hooked me up with her Cincinnati Magazine comp seats.

And wow... what a stellar show. I sat there in my shiny dress and heels and thought, "What. Would it be like. To have such skill."

I can't cook. I can't sew. My home-grown vegetables taste like weeds.

And look, look at all of these students, creating such fantastic pieces. So not all of it was practical, but still... it was extraordinary to see these students' designs come down the runway - all lights and models and fashion and music.

I was in awe of them. I channeled my inner Tim Gunn and said things like, "Work it like there's no tomorrow!" and "That's a lot of look!"

And how lucky that I happen to know one of the graduates. Her collection was all red dresses and YOWZA. Believe me, Elyse's designs could turn anyone into a goddess. They were so stunning I swore they would float off the stage.

My pictures from the night turned out crappy, but here's one and
here's some others.

They're what I call a two-step dress:

Step 1: Zip it up

Step 2: Own the room

Hats off to the class of 2009.


Adam said...

"I can't cook. I can't sew. My home-grown vegetables taste like weeds."

I beg to differ. You're pasta surprise is unsurpassed. However, I can confirm the last one. They were...interesting.

Gina said...

But the tomatoes were good, right? As I recall they tasted like summertime.

But the sweet red peppers... ugh, weeds and chemicals. And I didn't even use chemicals!