Sunday, April 01, 2012

Anniversary Shushing

Ray says his look of surprise here is “staged."

I believe him.

On our third date we were in the back of a friend's car while the radio played. It was something god-awful, like some '70s classic rock heinousness, and Ray was singing along.

Gah. Torture.

I barely knew him, but still, I didn’t have to take that crap. So I did what any girl would do - I put my hand over his mouth, pinned his head against the back seat and whispered into the side of his face, “Shhhhh, you’re upsetting everyone in the car.”

It was the first time we touched.

That was two years ago this month. Obviously it was completely magical.


Matt O'Brien said...

Ahhhhh that first connection. The butterflies in her stomach. The shear horror in his. Sweet. Very sweet.

Gina said...

Fancy seeing you here, Matt...