Thursday, April 19, 2012

Draw Some!

I'm not typically a big fan of game apps. I thought Angry Birds was boring and stupid, and I still think Tetris is the best game of all time. So I might not be the best person to judge.

However, let me give a resounding five stars to Draw Something.

I'm barely able to write this post because I haven't slept in three days, largely due to my staying up late and drawing pictures for "my friends" on Draw Something. (They live in my phone and love me, OK?!)

I will not call you, but I will definitely send you a drawing!

The gist is, you get a few words, pick one and draw it. Then the person you're playing tries to guess it, and draws you one back.

Some people are really, really good at this game. Like the person who drew the above picture. (More masterpieces here. )

I, sadly, am not one of these people.

Pretty much every conversation Ray and I have these days goes something like this:

Me: Does this look like an ice cube to you?
Ray: God, NO. I mean, umm, kinda. *wtf face

Me: Does this look like a train?
Ray: *silence, horror
Me: Can't you tell that's a caboose? It's blue.
Ray: It's also… bleeding?

Ray: Gina, wtf IS this? 
Me: I'll give you a hint! It's an instrument!
Ray: I thought it was a giant lemon.
Me: It's a giant lemon with strings that is played upright at fancy events... IT'S A HARP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE NO ARTIST EYE WHAT-SO-EVER!


Here is a picture I drew last night.

It's sooooo good, right? He's bloody from the plane crash, see. And totally sad about it, as all is buddies went down with the plane.

Can you guess the word?

(It's "survivor.")

I knew you'd get it.

I'm more of a "contextual" artist on Draw Something. My goal is to convey the concept so my iPhone friends can guess the word. I'm not really "about" making great drawings, ok?

But then sometimes I do make great drawings. Like this one.

The concept is very clearly 1) a campfire 2) some kind of sandwich-y thing, crackers maybe (hint, hint!) and 3) a person eating said sandwichy-crackers.

Now what would that be?

Very obviously, smores, right? See how the chocolate is on the guy's face?

Well, Ty W. is a moron because he couldn't guess it and ruined our 11 turn drawing streak. 

But you know who really sucks at this game? BESiin-e.

Look at this abomination.

Can you guess what it was supposed to be? Me either.

It was a yo-yo. A YO-YO, for Christ's sake. It doesn't even resemble a yo-yo!

And Cheyenne1988s drawing.

Fishing? Catching? Search and rescue for a dead body?

No. It's a pool boy. A pool boy.

Seriously? Pool boys have muscles, and are hott. They do not look like lollipops. And since when do pools look like... is that a boat? You get an F, Cheyenne1988.

A few nights ago it was late and I mistook the word "widow" for "window" and drew what was quite possibly the best drawing I've ever done. It was a glorious window, the kind everyone would want in their McMansion, complete with red drapes and a setting sun in the background.  

Then when I sent it I realized, oops, it was supposed to be WIDOW. My bad, BEShiin-e.

He sent me back this message:

I sent him one back saying we need to get "us" back on track and that, "some things are worth fighting for."

Frankly, after his "yo yo" drawing, he was lucky I continued to draw pictures for him anyway. But we're working through things, one drawing at a time.

Which is more than I can say for Ray.

I actually thought this was some of my finer work.

My God, I thought, it looks JUST LIKE Starry Night! But when I proudly showed it to Ray he asked if the word was "vertigo."

It was Van Gogh.

Just because his drawing of a train actually looks like a train doesn't mean he has to be all bitchy to me.

And it took him an hour to guess this one, and it was even TO him.

I was only saying it to be nice anyway. Obviously my true soulmate is Angie V., who guessed my spectacular Coachella hollogram Tupac. I got the abs in there and everything.

Love you, Angie V. Draw me.

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Jonett said...

I love playing this with you! It is like we are passing notes like we did at MMS!