Monday, August 31, 2009

The Farmer's Market Mishap Of '09

Saturday morning my dude set off for the Hyde Park Farmer's market to buy some bread he'd heard about that is supposedly so delicious you'll punch your mom in the face for it.

When I finally woke up I walked down to join him. (This is the part where I saw Stella parked on the side of the road without me having driven her there, and then I told her it would be fine and that that mean, mean boy would never love her I like do.)

Then I found Adam carrying my helmet and an Adidas gym bag with a large baggette sticking out of the top of it.

I'd never been to the Hyde Park Farmer's Market before. Sad, especially since it's mere blocks from me every Sunday between 9:30 and 1:30.

Tomatoes, green beans, red peppers, free range meats, farm fresh eggs... waffles with whipped cream and berries. Oh yeah.

I may have grown up in Marion, Indiana, but the closest I've ever really come to a farm was during an elementary school field trip, and I wouldn't unplug my nose OR milk the cow. No way, José.

But when I get around farmer's markets I lose it a little bit. So it was while Adam was waiting for a turkey and cheese crepe that I lost it.

I marched right up to some farmer and told him I wanted a dozen eggs and two chicken breasts. He gave me a dozen brown eggs (brown eggs?) and a frozen package of... chicken breasts?

I marched right back over to Adam and handed him the bag. "Uhm, these eggs are weird. And I think the chicken still has skin on it. Yuck. I'm not touching it." (Even though I won't touch uncooked chicken that doesn't have skin on it either.)

This evening I get home from work to find Adam working away in the kitchen. He gives me a look (you know the look) and says, "You make questionable decisions. I had to de-bone and skin that chicken."

"Oh yuck!" I replied, cautiously peaking into the kitchen for fear of seeing the carnage.

"Yeah, you're not allowed to buy anything else at the farmer's market without supervision."

That's what he thinks. You should have been here for dinner. That free-range, local chicken was delicious. I'm going to get two packages next week.

Oh, and the bread was good too.


Lizz said...


I won't touch raw chicken either. And bones??? Hell. To Tha. No.

The other day I accidentally spilled "raw chicken juice" on my floor while transporting the meat on a plate. Rather than clean it up, I put my house on the market "as is".

I'm seriously disappointed in the farmer to farmer's market ratio in Anderson.

Dan said...

A. You need to get down to Findlay Market. Come with G and I sometime if you like. Adam too, of course.

B. That waffle was from Taste of Belgium, right? That stuff is like crack. They are UN-FRIGGIN'-REAAAAL

C. Dave's Beard.

Gina said...

B. and C. Dave's beard gave me extra berries on mine.