Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - A Photo Recap

The Blue Angel went to see Amber and Mike get married.

Oh, and I went too. (What? You think you've seen this dress before?)

Check out my view of the Labor Day fireworks. Pretty awesome, eh?

This evening I saw this baby. It was the real deal, the full-on arch, not the usual half-arch you see on other, lesser rainbows.

Also this weekend I bought a bunch of crap online (you're welcome, economy) and watched the movie Adventureland, which was sweet and melancholy all at the same time. You should watch it.

Oh yeah, sorry I forgot to post a TGIF video on Friday. My bad.


Emily Malone said...

awwwww pretty pretty amber!

Kelly said...

Wasn't that rainbow awesome? And I love Adventureland!

(And Amber's wedding was OK, I guess.)

Katherine said...

gina, i, too, have that ann taylor dress, which i bought on sale some years ago. could we be more identical? srsly. when is our show coming back on? holla!