Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Only Thing Missing Was "The Chug"

One of my very best college pals, the singular Sandy Bressner, came to visit me Friday night. How terrific is it when you can not see someone for years at a time, but easily find yourselves right where you left off, laughing and chatting (and come on, let's face it) drinking.

Which explains why this photo would be cute, if I hadn't spilled half a beer onto my shirt.

No worries though, I "Photoshopped" it out for later photos like this one. Magic!

The visit was much like college in many ways. We watched some bands we didn't know, ended up at some burned-out bar, and I drank too much.

Just like old times.


Sandy said...

I made the blog! I made the blog! woot woot!

Ronson said...

"Burned out bar?" Them's fightin' words!

Gina said...

Dude. All the windows were busted out. Come on.