Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sadness... and Things Left at my Desk This Week

Adding to my collection.

Tomorrow is going to be super sad, y'all.

Tom, my med student BFF, will be leaving me to head back to school. What's worse, he didn't even finish our heart-aggregate-vaccuum! Boo.

But the good news is earlier this week he gave me a tour of the lab I sit near. God it was awesome.

There were cabinets full of medicinal shaped glass-jars and ancient looking bottles of chemicals; lots of ominous, syringey-type things hanging around and equipment that seemed to serve only the purpose of swirling containers of liquids. Plus, there were squat glass jars all over the place growing cells and DNA and donuts and stuff. Or maybe it was growing yeast. Whatever.

Needless to say, weird stuff goes down in the lab.

In other weird but fun news from the week, I found a piece of dark chocolate on my computer Tuesday evening, but rather than question who might have left it there (or if it had been lab exposed) I ate it immediately.

(Soon after, I started going through the list of people who might want to poison me and thinking I should have found the source of the chocolate first. I'm not saying there is a large list of people who want to feed me hemlock wrapped in dark chocolate, but I'm just saying you never know.)

I verified later that the chocolate came from a man I work with known as "Mountain." Awesome, right? (Note to self, acquire cool nickname.)

Also left at my computer this week was two little hotel soaps from China, which I did not eat. (Shockingly.) My Boss Man brought them back special request.

I've learned my lesson in specificity because the last time I asked him to bring me back a "present" from a conference I got a bag of Fritos from the Las Vegas airport. (Hmm, I ate those almost immediately too. Maybe they were the perfect gift.)

Anyway, tune in tomorrow for this week's TGIF Video! (I don't know what it will be yet, but I'm sure it will be on par with dark chocolate and Chinese hotel soaps.)

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