Sunday, April 02, 2006

There's More Than Corn In Indiana

Now there is also Daylight Savings Time.

The first time I ever had to "spring forward" was in 1998. Location: Front Royal, Virginia. It was traumatizing then and it isn't any less so now.

My mom called this morning after to church to give me the weekly family update. (For example, my sister called last week to ask for $75 for grocery money and demanded it be sent Western Union. All told, it cost my dad $90-some dollars and my sister never called to thank them. Big shocker.)

But I digress. My mom said she nearly missed church this morning because she thought she had changed all the clocks but hadn't changed the one in the den, so she thought she had an extra hour, but didn't.

"We have, like, 12 clocks in the house and about 12 watches," she said. "The VCR changed all by itself. Like magic."

Then we had a ten minute discussion about how we are on the same time all the time now.

Anyway, I hate daylight savings on change-over week. It totally wrecks everything. Like now, it's already 2 p.m. and I've pissed away my whole morning and part of the afternoon. And it's totally daylight savings time's fault.


big bri said...

If I had to experience the horror of daylight savings time for the first time, I couldn't think of anywhere else i'd want to do it than Front Royal, Va. Consider yourself lucky. If we all had such problems

Kelly said...

I had similar experiences, since I have family in Indiana.

Also, I told my mom I'd meet her at 11:30 to go to the outlet mall, forgeting that it would actually be 10:30.

I think I got six hours' sleep, but I still managed to find kickin' cowboy boots at Bass.

gina said...

Yee Haw!