Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Horror. The Horror.

This, my friends, is the look of real fear.

Fear at the prospect of having to eat a veggie dog from Great American Ball Park. My face is like something out of psycho. The camera truly captured how loathesome I was to take a bite. At the time I think I was saying something like, "But I don't want to... It's not funny... You try it!"

See how the dog is all gnarled and jagged? (Click on the photo for a bigger, scarier view.) That's because the soy doesn't separate, even when you pull it apart, or bite it.

And note how it's blocky, like it was squished through a square tube instead of a round one. And the color was streaky, like fake tan stuff, only red instead of orange.

In this picture I am less horrified because I hadn't yet bit into it.

Oddly enough, it did actually taste like a hot dog, though the consistency was like Styrofoam. When I bit into it, it kind of sprung back.

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Breedlove said...

That top picture makes me think of Sophie's Choice. You look so pained, but you know what has to be done.