Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Galentine's Day To Me!

My girl Missy called me today to tell me she had a Galentine's Day gift for me. 'Because I love you, girl,' she said.

Everyone knows Missy is a tremendous cook, and as she was making up something fab for her man for the romance holiday, she made extras, just for me, because 'I wanted you to have something fabulous to eat for Valentine's,' she said.

(Snif, snif. Is it dusty in here?)

Being sans-Valentine certainly has it's advantages. Not only did I get some of Missy's home-cookin' (better than a restaurant any day), but she also made an extra little cake, for me. Not some dinky left-over piece thrown into some Gladware, oh no, that is not how my girl rolls. I got a whole cake.

I don't deserve her.

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Anonymous said...

leftovers are always welcome in the workplace.