Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Blue Angel, Still Awesome Though

The poor Blue Angel has been stuck for days now.

Last week she was lost in a sea of snow, which forced me to walk to the dentist's office - in five feet of snow! up hill both ways! in a blizzard! - just to get my teeth cleaned. It was like Little House on the Prairie and shizz. Only instead of going to see Doc Baker for typhus, I was going to see Doc Singel for a fluoride treatment.

Then I had to hitch rides to and from work for two days.

The sucks that run apartment complex don't bother plowing the parking lot, and only occasionally do they plow the driveway, which is long and a kind of steep (see photo). So I knew yesterday when Snowpocalypse II hit that I wasn't going anywhere once again.

Fortunately I live near two friends who also work at Children's, and they kindly take turns carting me around. (And sometimes this means getting to work crazy early, at like, 8:15!!)

But tonight I decided I really wanted to dig out the Blue Angel a) because I was supposed to meet Ronson for Indian, because seriously, if I have to eat another plate of noodles because I'm stuck and can't go get something to eat I'm gonna flip and b) people are probably getting sick of driving me around. (But I doubt this. I mean, driving me around is probably awesome for them.)

It was the pride before the fall. I was thinking the Blue Angel would not fail me when it came to Indian food. We both love Indian food. She probably loves naan and spicy curry more than I do.

I pop her into reverse, get kind of stuck but work my Indiana snow driving skillz on her and we make it through a few dicey moments. Then, wham! Snow wall under my tires.

It's a trap! It's a trap! The Blue Angel is yelling.

Eject! Eject! I'm yelling back.

Too late.

I hop out and decide I'll just push her out. How hard can this be, right? It's a two-door Civic that gets stuck everywhere because it weighs like, 40 pounds, I can totally push this car out of the snow. Noooo problemo.


That's when JJ came into my life. A neighbor I've never met before rolls into the parking lot - in his Jaguar - rolls down his window before he even parks (what a guy, right?!) and asks if I need help. Indeed. I need a push, buddy.

He parks, walks over and says, "Have you ever pushed a car out before?"

Pssht. Have I ever pushed a car out before? Did you hear this guy? Have I ever pushed a car out before. You don't even know about me, dude.

But I don't say anything but "Yes" because JJ has an all-business-like attitude and can tell this ain't his first rodeo. So I let him take charge.

"Here's what we got to do... we get it rocking, then on three we really go for it."

I push with all my might, and so does JJ, and we get the Blue Angel unstuck and about two feet farther before she gets stuck again. We push some more, I hop in, burn the tires, hop back out.


Then ol' JJ asks me, "Do you have a shovel? What about some old car mats?" And I'm like, "no" and "huh?" (Old car mats??) So then he gets down into the snow and starts removing it from the front of my tires with his hands. (At least he had gloves on.) And I'm thinking, Epic fail, Daugherty. Some corn-fed Indiana girl you are. Shovel? What shovel?

Turns out ol' JJ is from Toledo, so I suspect he's pushed more than a few Civics out of the snow in his time. And I appreciated his take-charge attitude. I had complete faith the Blue Angel would get unstuck if JJ had anything to do with it. He was not a triflin' man. We were going to get shiz done, people.

So hell to the yeah, we got her unstuck and back into her spot where I abandoned her for a ride with Ronson to Baba. And who needs a shovel anyway when you can just text your neighbors who will drive you to work. And if it's really bad, your Boss Man will drive you home early (woo hoo!) during Snowmageddon 2010 in his fancy four-wheel drive car with snow tires.

Now, if only I could get a ride in JJ's Jaguar I could really round-out this tour de cars I will never own. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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