Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Déjà Vu

Today a colleague asked me what I do for fun, and much like the last time someone asked me what I do for fun, I really brought the house down with all of the amazing things I do.

"Umm, I watch crappy tv shows and go to dance class, I go to dinner with friends, I like to eat brunch, and chocolate covered strawberries, and sometimes I go to a bar and drink too much and fall down in the bathroom stall because hovering over the seat while you're drunk is hard. But mostly I just watch crappy tv shows."

The last time a random coworker I barely know asked me what I do for fun, a full year and a half ago, life suddenly turned on its end, did a full 180 triple axel double flip while spinning three rotations down the superpipe and dropped me somewhere completely different but all together rejuvenating and perfect.

Given this, I can only assume (once before is totally statistically meaningful, right?) that it's really code for, 'Enjoy the ride."

Sa-weet, who wants wine?!

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