Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hold Your Noses Party People

If you like the stench of backed-up sewer while you're drinking beer, then look no further than Mulligans.

Sure it's overwhelming at first. You walk in and PA-POW, Sewer Smell. But by the time you've downed a beer from the tap wall you hardly even notice the putrid stink anymore.

Whatever you do though, hold it. Because if you go anywhere near the restrooms (where clearly there is a very serious plumbing issue) the bouquet of butt-funk will leave you wincing for mercy.

But let's relish this, ok people? It's not just anywhere you can enjoy the fragrant aroma of raw sewage with your beer. Ahhh... Refreshing.

1 comment:

Mike_R said...

Mulligans in Covington? Yes. I helped contribute to that stench.