Friday, January 30, 2009

TGIF Munchkins! It's Video Time!

This little ditty really made a difference!

It takes a bit to load given how awesome it is, but you're going to want to stick around for the whole shocking thing. How did so many talented artists agree to such a self-righteous shitbomb of a song? (It was no "Do They Know It's Christmas.")


• Billy Joel had hair!
• Why was Michael Jackson forced to stand over by himself?
• Does Willie Nelson even know where he is?
• Bruce seems a bit... constipated.
• I love it that Kenny Loggins and Steve Perry do back-to-back solos.
• Holy God, it's Bob! (I don't remember him being there. But he probably doesn't either.)
• But let's really give it up for the c-listers - Latoya, Tito, Shelia E, I'm looking at you.
• Yeah I admit, I still know all the lyrics. So what!

Look, all I'm saying is We are the World!! We are the Children!!

TGIF everyone, let's make it a better day, ok?


SteveG said...

I'm still waiting for them to start giving

mg said...

I like the Blues Bros. as much as anyone, but how'd Dan Aykroyd get an invite?

Sandy said...

And Kenny Rogers had his real face!!

sandy said...

Okay. this is as I'm watching it it...OMG! I totally forgot that Cyndi Lauper was my FAVORITE PART!!!!

Jen L said...

When I watch this, I think about that SNL spoof of it, and it cracks me up. I mean, it cracks me up on its own merit, but you know. Double-time crack-up.