Monday, May 01, 2006

Sick Mac

Poor iBook. For the last two months it's been tethered to the outlet. The battery won't recharge anymore yet the computer still thinks its fully charged. So sad.

I took it to the genius bar in it's gorgeous pink little Timbuk2 laptop bag to get it fixed last week. I was all excited to get home from Tampa and hopefully have it back, but no, it's not ready yet. I even called the Apple store twice yesterday to see if it was ready to bring home.

I'm nothing without my iBook.

Stay tuned for exciting photos from Florida and Sue's wedding! But of course, there will be no photos of lecherous fat men on the beach until I get my Mac back.


big bri said...

As painful as it may be, believe it or not there was a dark period in our history where there were NO iBooks. Makes you wonder how people functioned?

Gina said...

Don't talk like that, Big Bri. Shhh...